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Castle Picture Gallery  Picture Gallery of top Scottish castles by photographer David Rankin. Includes Edinburgh, Eilean Donan, Dunnottar Castle, and Linlithgow Palace. Twenty picture galleries of Scottish castles for you to enjoy

Elizabethan Make-up 101  A quick tutorial on make-up practices in the Elizabethan Era

Paternoster Row  The history of rosaries and paternosters - follow the "What's New" link to a wonderful resource for images of extant pieces and period portraits.  A very handy collection of faire listings and forum threads that will be helpful to even the most seasoned Rennie

King Henry VIII  Ray Irving, England's most well-known "King Henry VIII" lookalike personality, has created a wonderful website, full of photos and blog entries about his life as Henry Tudor, as well as free educational materials, including a "Make Your Own Henry VIII Jeweled Collar" program that allows kids to create their own version of my popular Hilliard collar

Merchant Links

Arms of Valor, Ltd. - Swords and Armor  - Offers a large selection of high quality battle-ready swords, armor, shields, historical clothing, bows, arrows, and other weaponry of the past. Every sword, piece of armor, axe, mace, shield, dagger, rapier, baldric, belt or other product we carry has passed the test - if we would not fight with it, wear it to a Renaissance Faire, or hang it in our homes it is not offered here

Aurelia's Regalia - Hand-made Renaissance clothing, Medieval garb, pirate outfits, chemises, bodices, jewelry and more.

Authentic Costumes by  - Deluxe authentic costumes for adults, plus size and child. Full service rental and retail costume shop. Year round retail stock of Theatrical Makeup, Wigs, Costume Accessories, Hats and Masks. Huge in stock inventory of Renaissance Clothing. Custom costumes available

Baliku Silver Beads - Wholesaler and Exporter of Bali Silver Beads  - A wide range of bali silver beads and silver from Indonesia. Very reasonable prices for international sourcing

Belle of the Bay  - Custom Tudor, Elizabethan, and Victorian Corsetry, as well as Fyne Renaissance Garb

Blue Sage Mercantile  - Revolutionary War and Civil War clothing for men, momen and children

Cyphre Voudou  - Home Port of the Gothik Pyrates, this enchanting store offers accessories and gifts items worthy of any fierce sea-dwelling plunderer or practitioner of magick.

Dark Sword Armory - Battle Ready Swords & Combat Ready Swords  - Darksword Armory is proud to offer battle ready medieval swords and daggers to the SCA, LARP, and collectors of combat ready swords. Their medieval swords, armors and Renaissance rapiers are collected throughout the world

Denver Fabrics - Steel Boning for Renaissance Costumes  - Silk, linen, wool and velvet plus braided trims, aglets, corset lacing, boning and more

Farthingales Costume and Corset Supplies  - Web site offering an extensive selection of garment steel - over 10 qualities of corset bones and over 6 qualities of hoop steel are available, including hoop connectors for easy construction. Farthingales has bones and steel for every costuming need and 3 styles of corset busk, including the hard to find spoon busk

The Golden Dwarf  - A seller of quality Renaissance, Medieval and Pirate Clothing, Costumes, Garb, Armor, Weapons and Accessories for LARP, Reenactment, Ren-Faires and SCA

Gypsy Caravan  - A budding online fabric store providing silks, brocades, wools, linens, historical period patterns, and much more

Isabella's Goodes - Handmade jewelry for the lady, from Antiquity to Renaissance

Lusty Leather  - For all your leather-related needs, contact Larry and Leenie

The Mantua-Maker: Historical Sewing Patterns  - The Mantua-Maker is a historical clothing sewing pattern company, specializing in women's clothing. All patterns are multi-sized, and are based on actual garments, pattern drawings, or engravings and photographs made during the time the garment was worn

Medieval Moccasins  - Are your feet miserable? Caress those calluses; banish bunions; scorn those corns! Treat your feet to the luxury of leather - wear Medieval Moccasins - guaranteed to give you Happy Feet

Medieval Weapons and Clothing from Tudor Dressing  - Buy Medieval Armor for Medieval knights, costumes, clothes, shields, swords, and weapons, as well as high quality Renaissance and Pirate clothing and dresses

Medieval Weapons by Armour Venue  - Buy Roman and medieval knight armor, weapons, and swords from Quality helmets and shields for collectors, costumes, reenactment and more

Medieval Weapons Online  - Online store offering decorative medieval weapons, armor, chain mail, swords, crossbows and helmuts, featuring direct home delivery

Moonstone Jewelry - Pagan and Wiccan Jewelry  - Whether it be Wiccan, Pagan, Occult or Magickal jewelry, Moonstone Jewelry has the best selection for you

Mr. Costumes  - Inexpensive Renaissance Era garb and other Halloween costumes for all ages. Classic Renaissance Costumes include Kings, Queens, Nobleman, Wizards, Knights in Shining Armour and even "men in tights"!

Plus-Size Costume Shop  - Specializing in professionally-made, plus-size Renaissance and Medieval gowns, Halloween costumes, bridal gowns, and gothic clothing. Sizes 18W-36W

Snowbirds Creations  - A line of clothing (garb) perfect for SCA, Medieval, Pennsic, Renaissance Faires, Mardi Gras, Pirate, LOTR or Civil War events...or any other reenactment or LARP event you may be involved in

Sodhoppers Custom Footwear  - Specializing in hard-to-fit and special-needs custom fit using a replica soft last cast of your foot.

Swords by Brothersmith  - High quality weapons from Samurai to Medieval swords. Be sure to take a look at their non-firing replica guns, bowie knives, and medieval armor

Twin Roses Designs  - Costumes and Clothing from all time periods. Specializing in capes, cloaks, robes and movie inspired clothing for men and women. They ship worldwide and custom orders are always welcome

Unique Wedding Rings  - If you want to buy a very unique engagement ring for your loved one, then offers you the best way to express your love. For more details, log on to


Renaissance Photography, Arts, and Entertainment

Illusions by Vick
Unique, Thought Provoking and Enchanting Entertainment

Lisa Lucas Photography
Lisa is a wedding and Renaissance/Tudor reenactment photographer based in Berkshire, England.  Her wonderful work is just as lovely as her amazing personality! 

Queen Anne's Lace
Queen Anne's Lace is a small, a cappella women's ensemble specializing in a variety of musical genres, including Celtic/folk, swing, and bawdy tunes. Queen Anne's Lace has entertained audiences with Renaissance Madrigal music and folk songs, religious pieces & a few Christmas carols thrown in for variety. The members of QAL hold audiences captive with impromptu harmonies, improvisational banter, and a delightful stage presence.

Renaissance Faire Pictorial
Photos and information on Renaissance festivals in the Southeast United States, brought to you by by Ollure Fantasy Photography

The Spirites Consort
New interpretations of Renaissance music using an innovative approach and modern instruments

Wyldes Noyse
This UK Renaissance duo provids popular music on authentic instruments and in period dress covering 600 years, from the Dark Ages to The Age of Enlightenment

Renaissance Faires

Great Lakes Medieval Faire

Sherwood Forest Faire

The Stone Tower Glenn Renaissance Faire

The Gloucester Renaissance Festival

Find a Local Reenactment Group

The Buccaneers of the Atlantic Coast
The Buccaneers of the Atlantic Coast (BotAC) is a historical reenactment group dedicated to preserving a part of our Atlantic Coast history that’s both romantic as well as forbidding... and a lot of fun too!

American Jousting Alliance Jousting training, equipment and participation in exciting and competitive jousting tournaments and shows.

Ye Pyrate Brotherhood

The Barony of Brendoken - Northeast Ohio area, SCA


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