"Maddox" Jeweled Livery Collar in Gold

$ 110.00

Brilliant metallic elements show your rank in this gorgeous collar of office/state. A hint of black patina adds depth and dimension, accentuating the details in the metal work. This is a Sapphire & Sage exclusive design, with components that are custom-made for me to use in creating your gorgeous collar!

Unless you request otherwise, all jeweled collars with flat-back settings will include support pins that are affixed to settings positioned in the shoulder areas of the collar's length. These pins will help to keep your jewelry in place as you move around during your event.

To get the best measurement for your piece, take a section of string and drape it around yourself, positioning it to where you'd like the piece to sit, taking into consideration the amount of clothing that will be worn with the jewelry If possible, try to do the measuring in costume or while wearing clothing similar in bulk to what you estimate your costume to be. Once you have the string where you want it, cut it to size and use that as your guide in determining the size that will work best for you.