"Honey Butter of the Month" Club - FEBRUARY membership, Misses size (0-14)

$ 20.00 $ 30.00

NOW AVAILABLE AT OUR NEW WEBSITE:  https://honeybutterleggings.com/


One month membership for our VIP "Honey Butter of the Month" Club, MISSES SIZE

Get 2 surprise pair of buttery leggings! These new prints will only be offered to our HONEY BUTTER CLUB members!  Spots are limited, with membership opening at the beginning of each month, with deliveries made at the end of that month.

Each membership purchase is good for that month's club.  With every new month, there will be a new set of prints, and new chances to grab yourself a membership...that way, everyone has a chance to get in on the fun!  Watch out Facebook VIP page for announcements of when new club membership opportunities are made available.

YOUR CLUB LEGGINGS WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH.  If you want to order additional items and get them sooner than your club items, you should order those items separately, if you are opting to have them shipped to you.  If you don't mind waiting for them to all ship together later in teh month, you may place them all within the same order.

Prints will be designer's choice and may vary from size to size.  HONEY BUTTER CLUB prints will not made available as part of our regular website catalog, but any pairs remaining due to unsold memberships for that month may be sold at trunk shows or as part of a grab bag special deal. 

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