Zibellini "Flea Furs"

Queen Elizabeth I holding a zibellini

A popular accessory item for noble ladies of the 1500's, a zibellini (also known as "flea fur") is the perfect finishing touch to any Renaissance clothing ensemble.

My flea furs are all made from pelts that have been "rescued" from vintage mink stoles. Typically made of sable fur with the head and feet adorned with gold and jewels, this unusual accessory's true purpose is somewhat of a mystery to historians today. It has been stated that these flea furs were possibly believed to draw fleas and other troublesome biting insects to the fur itself, rather than to a person's body. They may have been used as a primitive form of muff, or they may have simply been popular as something to hold onto that also served as a display of one's wealth and social status. No matter what the original use of these beautiful pieces may have been, accessorizing your garments with one is sure to draw attention to you wherever you go.

Each flea fur I make is a one-of-a-kind piece. You will be able to choose your stone and pearl colors, but the fur size, fur color, and basic ornamental materials used and the pattern they are used in WILL BE THE CHOICE OF THE DESINGER, meaning me. :)
If you have any questions on this service before making a purchase, please email me at sapphireandsage@neo.rr.com, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Example of one possible design - quarter used for size reference only

Underside of fur

Custom Zibellini

Your custom-designed, ONE-OF-A-KIND zibellini/flea fur will be created with the following materials:

* You choice of one two- or four-pawed fur, "rescued" for a vintage mink stole. The fur's length and hue will be chosen for you by me, your accessory designer. :)

* Your choice of gold-tone or silver-tone metal filigrees, uniquely adorned with pearls and stones.

* 12" chain containing hand-wired matching imported glass pearls and beads. The chain will have lobster clasps at both ends and may be attached to a belt or removed entirely, as you choose.

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