Caring for Your Jewelry

I hope that you enjoy your jewelry pieces as much as I enjoyed making them for you. Please give them a test run around the house before you wear them for your event. Should any weak links or loose stones appear within 10 days of its arrival to your home, contact me immediately. I'll repair or replace the sections for you free of charge.

General Jewelry Care

Keep your pieces as dry as possible when in use. Hand-wash them gently in mild soapy warm water as needed (except for flea furs, which should not be laundered in any way). Pat them with a soft towel to remove excess water and allow them to air-dry completely before returning them to their protective baggies for storage. Keep them in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Brass and Silver Metal Care

Brass and sterling silver is a fact of life. To keep tarnishing of your jewelry pieces to a minimum, you MUST keep them in their protective baggies when not in use. Be sure to wash your pieces as described above to keep them free of body oils that will increase the rate of tarnishing. If you will be wearing your piece(s) often and/or have a body chemistry that is prone to causing base metals to tarnish and/or quickly lose their coatings, it is recommended that you periodically add a coat of clear nail polish to the metal components at risk for tarnishing against your skin.
When tarnishing on metal components DOES occur, gently use a brass or silver polish on the affected areas and treat them with a coat of clear nail polish to replenish their protective coatings.

Girdle Belt and Jeweled Collar Care

These beauties are quite a bit heaving than they look on my site! For these particularly pieces, I use special heavy-weight wires that do wonders for the durability of heavier jewelry. But keeping them healthy requires some steps on your part as well.

In addition to the guidelines above, you must take special care to use the support pins that have been added to the backs of some of the settings on these pieces (unless you requested to have them omitted - if that is the case, the pieces ARE NOT COVERED under my product guarantee).
Due to the extra weight that they have as a result of their longer lengths, added strain is put on the wire links...even though they are hands-down the sturdiest wires I have been able to find in all of my searches, there's only so much that they can reasonably be expected to withstand. By using these support pins to secure your jewelry close to your body, you'll be giving your pieces the extra help they need to defy the ravaging effects that gravity has on them....not to mention what can happen when the pieces get caught on a chair or a passing person, stepped on, sat get my point! ;)

The pins also help to keep your belt or collar in place as you move throughout the day, so it really is a "win-win" kind of situation. :)

You've made the investment.... be sure to protect it!